CH-0628C (Matou Shinji) Ver. TYPE-MOON 2.0


Title: Fate/stay night

Name: 間桐慎二 (Matou Shinji)

Card Type: Character

Gender: Male

Element: Star

Cost: 2 (star icon)

Field Limitation: none

Attack Power (red): 2

Defense Power (blue): 1

Support Power (yellow): 0

EX: 2

Basic Ability: 
    Escape (0 icon)
    Penalty - Discard one card from your opponent's deck

Special Ability: No chance to appear

    When this character is put into the dust box from your hand or your deck, or paid as a cost, discard one card from the opponent's deck for every number of [Matou Shinji] in your dust box. When discarded, remove all [Matou Shinji] in your dust box out of the game.