CH-1153R (Berserker [Zero]) Ver. TYPE-MOON 3.0


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Title: Fate/Zero

Name: バーサーカー[Zero] (Berserker [Zero])

Card Type: Character

Gender: Male

Element: Moon

Cost: 2 (moon icon) / 2 (star icon)

Field Limitation: left/right of the attack field & left side of the defense fields

Attack Power (red): 4

Defense Power (blue): 3

Support Power (yellow): 0

EX: 1

Basic Ability: 

Special Ability: Artificial Noble Phantasm (0 icon)
    Discard an item that this character has equipped. Equip an item that an opponent character has equipped, without paying for its cost on this character without an item. When equipped, this character gains [dash] till the end of the turn. (Can be used only once per turn)