CH-1157C (Matou Sakura) Ver. TYPE-MOON 3.0


Title: Fate/Zero

Name: 間桐桜 (Matou Sakura)

Card Type: Character

Gender: Female

Element: Flower

Cost: 1 (flower icon)

Field Limitation: all defense fields

Attack Power (red): 1

Defense Power (blue): 2

Support Power (yellow): 2

EX: 2

Basic Ability: 

Special Ability: 手遅れ (Too Late)
    If you already processed "Too Late" once during your turn, this ability does not apply. When this character is moved from your deck to the dust box, you can untap one character that has 3 or less AP. Remove this character out of the game.

*You can put 4 of this character in your deck, separately from the other cards with the same name.
*This character can't be used to summon a [conversion] character.