CH-1169U (Kuzuki Souichirou) Ver. TYPE-MOON 3.0


Title: Fate/hollow ataraxia

Name: 葛木宗一郎 (Kuzuki Souichirou)

Card Type: Character

Gender: Male

Element: Lightning

Cost: 2 (lightning icon) / 1 (star icon)

Field Limitation: left/middle of the attack fields & defense fields

Attack Power (red): 3

Defense Power (blue): 1

Support Power (yellow): 1

EX: 2

Basic Ability: 
    Side Step (0 icon)

Special Ability: The Teacher and the Dreamy Young Wife (Returning Arrow icon)(2 star icon)
    Summon "Caster" from your hand or your dust box without paying for her cost to an open field. (Can be used only once per turn)