CH-2539C (Asakura Seiji) Ver. VisualArt's 6.0


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Title: 鬼うた。~鬼が来たりて、甘えさせろとのたもうた。~ (Oni Uta.)

Name: 浅倉誠二 (Asakura Seiji)

Card Type: Character

Gender: Male

Element: Sun

Cost: 1 (sun/star icon)

Field Limitation: all attack fields & all defense fields

Attack Power (red): 2

Defense Power (blue): 2

Support Power (yellow): 2

EX: 2

Basic Ability: 

Special Ability: Philanthropist (0 icon)

    Remove this character from the game. バトルを中断する。(Can be only used once per turn)