CH-2631C (Ushiromiya Jessica) Ver. 07th Expansion 2.0


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Title: うみねこのなく頃に (Umineko: When They Cry)

Name: 右代宮朱志香 (Ushiromiya Jessica)

Card Type: Character

Gender: Female

Element: Sun

Cost: 2 (sun icon) / 2 (star icon)

Field Limitation: all attack fields & left/right of the defense fields

Attack Power (red): 3

Defense Power (blue): 1

Support Power (yellow): 1

EX: 2

Basic Ability: 
    Penalty - Draw one card from your deck.

Special Ability: つるぺったん☆ - Discard one card from your deck.

    キャラ全てにAP+1する。(sun icon)属性の味方キャラ全てはターン終了時まで[Bonus: Discard 3 cards from opponent's deck]を得る。元の基本能力に[Dash]を持つキャラ全てはターン終了時まで[Aggressive]を得る。(Can be only used once per turn)