DD-052R (My Lover [Kazuki & Yuna]) by Bushiroad


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Title: まぶらほ

Name: 和樹 & 夕菜

Partner: 和樹 & 夕菜

Level: 2

Gender: Male/Female

Attack: 2500

Defense: 2500

Traits: Magic


  • [和樹さんはわたしの大事なひとなんですからあっ!]
  • [スパーク][自] あなたは相手のフィールドのカードを、あなたのリタイヤ置場の『まぶらほ』のカードと同じ枚数選び、相手の控え室に置く。
  • [It is because Kazuki-san is the most important person to me!]
  • [SPARK][Auto] Choose the number of cards on your opponent's Field, that is the same number of "Maburaho" cards in your Retire yard, and send them to his/her Waiting Room.