EV-0136R (Command Mantra) Ver. TYPE-MOON 1.0


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Name: 令呪 (Command Mantra)

Card Type: Event

Element: Star

Cost: 4 (star icon)

EX: 0

    Choose one of the following three effect and use it. 

  • 行動済み状態のキャラ1体を未行動状態にする。
  • Turn one of your played character back to unplayed state
  • キャラ1体を持ち主の手札に入れる。
  • Return one character back to the owner's hand.
  • 味方キャラ1体を空き味方フィールドに移動する。
  • Move one of your character to an open spot on your field.

(The same effect can't be use more than twice.)