GS-017R (In the Dream [Yotsuba & Aria]) by Bushiroad


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Title: Sister Princess

Name: 四葉 & 亞里亞

Partner: 花穂 & 雛子

Level: 1

Gender: Female

Attack: 2500

Defense: 4000

Traits: Younger Sister


  • [ややや!アヤシイ気配がするデス!!]
  • [自] 相手のベンチの[レスト]しているカードが3枚以上なら、あなたは相手のフィールドのカードを1枚選び、相手の控え室に置く。
  • [Yayaya! I feel a suspicious presence!!]
  • [Spark][Auto] If there are 3 or more [Rest] cards on your opponent's Bench, choose 1 card from your opponent's Field, and send it to his/her Waiting Room.