GS-022R (Blue Feathers [Chikage]) by Bushiroad


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Title: Sister Princess

Name: 千影 - 青い羽

Level: 2

Gender: Female

Attack: 3000

Defense: 4000

Traits: Younger Sister/Magic


  • [不思議な力]
  • [自] このカードが手札からフィールドに置かれた時、あなたは自分の山札を見て《妹》を1枚まで選んで相手に見せ、自分の手札に加える。その山札をシャッフルする。
  • [Mysterious Power]
  • [Auto] When this card is played from Hand to Field, search up to 1 «Younger Sister» card from your Deck and show it to your opponent, then add it to your Hand. Afterward Shuffle your Deck.