IT-0082R (Noble Phantasm: Ea) Ver. TYPE-MOON 1.0


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Name: 宝具・エア (Noble Phantasm: Ea)

Card Type: Item

Element: Lightning

Cost: 2 (lightning icon) / 1 (star icon)

EX: 1

    This character gains the following ability,[Penalty: Discard 3 cards from your opponent's deck]
    This character gains the following special ability.
    天地乖離す開闘の星(star icon)
    The Star of Creation that Breaks Apart the Heaven and Earth [Any element x 1]
    Use it when [Gilgamesh] has this item equipped and when this character is engaged in a battle.
    The opponent character gains [Penalty: Discard 3 cards from your deck] till the end of the turn. (Can only be used once every turn)